Takšni in drugačni utrinki…

You know you are a Body Pump-er when…


… tole sem našel na enem portalu in se zjokal od smeha… zakaj povprašate? Ja zato ker je taaaaakkkkoooo resnično!!!

* Every other song you hear in the grocery store makes you look around for a bar
* The people in the next car next to you at a stop light wonder why you are doing bicep curls
* Your entire wardrobe is red and black
* You avoid ANYTHING that will interfere with your classes
* You get up at 4:45AM to go lift weights!
* Most of your friends are body pumpers
* You pick up a box with a three and one rhythm
* You keep your elbows in when scratching your nose
* You stand in line with your knees slightly bent
* You look forward to using the porta-potties at the state fair
* You judge every person you see by what BP could do for them
* Your bed is up on 2 risers
* You open your own pickle jars, thank you very much!
* You carry all the groceries in from your car in one trip
* You have more workout outfits than work clothes
* Your kids are astounded that you know so much about their music
* When you’ve got a little extra cash and buy a new BP top when you really don’t need to!
* You’re in a nightclub, the DJ plays ‘Flaunt It’… and you automatically start tapping your foot, chest proud, shoulders back, lock your elbows in and curl up that air bar suuuper slow!
* You’re non gym junkie friend gives you ‘the look’ when you keep saying ‘hey this is our chest track!’
* You’re at the Pink concert listening to Who Knew and instead of swaying and bouncing with the crowd, you suddenly realise you are halfway through a mental tricep track and about to hit the floor for dips.

haha, no sicer nisem bil na koncertu Pink v Tivoliju, zamudil, na žalost, ampak a si predstavljate, da bi dejansko šlo tko ene pol dvorane na tla in začelo delat dipse, hehehe…jao po mojem Pink ne bi bilo ama nič jasno, ampak res nič jasno…

enivej mal se nasmejte, hehe…

po tleh se valjajoči Polar Bear, hihi…

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  1. bear bear pravi

    Kaj bi naredu sele na koncertu Pink v zagrebu kjer smo delal biceps, triceps za posladek pa je zapela se noge :) whats up od 4 non blondes hehe

    11.04.2008 ob 13:09 | #

  2. Polar Bear Polar Bear pravi

    jah kaj? tko k superman bi se na brzino preoblekel v sportne cunje in zacel pumpat, hihi… haha…

    11.04.2008 ob 13:15 | #

  3. Nejka pravi

    Joj tole je pa čist res ej…kk noro :) smo pravi body pumperji haha

    7.05.2008 ob 12:30 | #


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