Takšni in drugačni utrinki…

Delighted to Know You…


Včasih imam trenutek slabosti in takrat ponavadi napišem kakšno pesmico/poezijo… No tale je nastala nedolgo nazaj, ko sem se zagledal v prečudovite zelene učke:) hehe….
Delighted to know you…

The way you walk
Makes my heart bounce…
The way you smile
turns my skin on fire…

but nothing compares
with that special look you so often give me…

Your eyes are shining
like two flawles emeralds,
every time our looks unite
I feel that special tingeling in my belly…
I can smell roses in a distant prairie

My heart jumps
and my thoughts drift away
dreaming of your perfect body
laying in a bed of roses

And then you interupted my thoughts
with that special smile
that is so uniqly yours….

When you talk
i secretly admire your lips
magnificently moving
so full of pasion…

Delighted by their fullnes
Imaging kissing you gently
slowly touching them with my tongue…
slowly gently embrasing you with my arms,
fingers through your hair….

Copyright Polar Bear 2007.

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